DOGC future, linked world

A redefinition of Block chain for internationalized Application Eco-line and Off-line value conversion Block chain

A kind of "World Super account Book" based on Finance, payment, New Retail concept

A block chain applied to the new global retail concept.

What is DOGC?


  • Whole network organization, personal value generation
  • The whole network user digital asset value transmission.


  • high degree of autonomy for all value transmission
  • Users across the network generate their own digital assets in a decentralized manner
  • Security, privacy, anonymity.


  • The total amount of DOGC is 210 million
  • DOGC Digital assets individualized
  • Digital asset value investment
  • Income method of individual Multi-cash flow
  • Personal digital assets and intelligent collaboration


  • Simple universal wallet
  • Identity and credit system
  • Vote\ forecast
  • Multi-signature intelligent contract
  • Decentralized information storage

Application scene landing

DOGC. cc is the first international cross-chain communication platform for global integration. At DOGC, users will receive a corresponding return for their efforts, and a corresponding international cross-chain love service project will be introduced into DOGC ID.YPay is the block chain token of DOGC to achieve transparent operation of the platform. Represents the conversion of the right to use and the value of DOGC and its surrounding ecology.

DOGC International Community use righ:

  1. 1. Reward original excellent works
  2. 2. Sovereign identity system
  3. 3. reward likes the user
  4. 4.Award of community administrators for large blocks
  5. 5.Advertisers use tokens
  6. 6. International and domestic love aid
  7. 7.Friendship payment
  8. 8.Block chain between da ga and fans
  9. 9.Other aspects of cross chain food applications.


  1. An autonomous identity system for a user's own Y-pay private key
  2. A central operating black box

Our advantage.

The accumulation of Core team Block chain bottom Technology over the years

The concept and mode of block chain cross-chain interaction have been continuously accumulated since factom, from the mode to the technology, the Y-pay project has been brewing for a long time. Core members have accumulated in the field of block chain for many years, for consensus algorithms, intelligent contracts, wallets and other aspects have their own strengths.


Block chain team of top cryptography experts

In the group of Y-pay, three PhDs in applied mathematics are responsible for the innovation, demonstration and algorithm compilation of the cryptographic application involved in Y-pay project. Looking at global blockchain projects, such a configuration is quite rare.


Global commercialization and community operating capacity

The operations team has extensive business experience and resources in China, the United States and Canada, and is working with the World Cultural Fund for global promotion, hiring Wall Street's top investment advisers to invest and guide Y-pay projects.

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