Core team

DOGC initiator:Christopher

DOGC initiator:Christopher In the United States for a long time. Is one of Silicon Valley's top block chain experts, Bachelor of computer Science, 24 years old, CEIBS Business School MBA. He is a co-founder of string Labs, based in Palo, Calif., and a serial pioneer in the blockchain field, including co-producer of the world's first block chain university and co-founder of a leading digital currency crowdfunding platform. Also a Bitcoin collector and an early preacher.

Co-founder:John James

John is an internationally renowned accountant who has received a doctorate in accounting from Harvard University. He will apply accounting expertise to block chains, and he is one of the first people in the world to do research on block chain technology, working on block chain technology. Decentralization of exchanges and other areas of research, He received a doctorate in accounting from Harvard University, which will apply the expertise of accounting to the block chain, which is the world's first blockchain technology research. One of the investigated persons.

Co-founder:Christopher Allen

Allen graduated from the prestigious University of California with a Ph. D., one of Silicon Valley's top blockchain experts, The world's top digital security encryption expert, a 14-year-old computer bachelor and 20-year-old CEIBS MBA., introduced the concept of "sovereign identity" in 2016. The system has now been used by countries such as Finland to confirm refugee status. Responsible for the development of Y-PAY digital asset security technology encryption

Block chain technical expert:
Nicholas Gavin

It is one of the earliest researchers in the world devoted to block chain technology, decentralization of exchanges and other fields. Over the years, great achievements have been made in areas such as digital virtual currency, supply chain finance, and so on. They are mainly responsible for managing and building technical teams with expertise in Java IOSC, block chain technology, and so on. At present, it is mainly responsible for the construction and maintenance of shared chain bottom layer and Y-PAY wallet and block chain browser.

Block chain technical expert :
Austin Connor

Graduated with honors from Michigan University of Science and Technology, early engaged in block chain technology development, and participated in numerous international open source programming projects, has built a safe, convenient block chain trading platform, in his team, There are a number of cryptography, algorithmic experts, dedicated to cross-chain transaction privacy protection technology.

Block chain technical expert :Greenhill Harrow

Harrow Green Hill has been president of the Bitcoin Association's American division and founded Avolta Partners.Active in various ICO financing, M & A business and start-ups in the field. Not just a master's degree in computer science And an MBA degree, Harrow wrote the Block chain Revolution. 2018 All Rights Reserved