Application scene landing

DOGC.ccs the international first to create a comprehensive global retail platform. At DOGC, users will receive a corresponding return for their efforts, and a corresponding international cross-chain love service project will be introduced into DOGC ID.DOGC is the block chain token of DOGC to achieve transparent operation of the platform. Represents the conversion of the right to use and the value of DOGC and its surrounding ecolog

DOGC International community use right:

  1. 1. Reward original excellent works
  2. 2. Sovereign identity system
  3. 3. reward likes the user
  4. 4.Award of community administrators for large blocks
  5. 5.Advertisers use tokens
  6. 6. International and domestic love aid
  7. 7.Friendship payment
  8. 8. Block chain between da ga and fans
  9. 9.Other aspects of cross chain food applications.


  1. A user identity system with user's own DOGC private key
  2. A central operating black box 2018 All Rights Reserved